Leading Australian Therapist Reveals His “Shocking Truth”- How I Was Doing the Wrong Thing by My Patients for 14 Years!

Read On To See How You, Like 95% of Other Natural Therapists, Could Be Inadvertently Mistreating Your Patients


My name is Dr Peter Mills, and I’m about to reveal something here that unfortunately you as a practitioner may relate to.

When I first started out as a natural therapist I was a great idealist, very excited about the power of this amazing therapy, and how it could treat so many different health problems. But I soon found my patients would often stop coming to see me after one or two treatments, before I had the chance to make a real difference to their problems.

This was damaging to my reputation and my self-confidence. And those that did see me for more treatments stopped coming when they felt moderately better. I started to feel frustrated with this- I wanted to make a real difference to people’s lives, and felt that this wasn’t happening.

I realised that by not offering my patients a planned approach to relieving their symptoms, and providing them with greater long-term health and wellbeing, I had been doing the wrong thing by them for the past 14 years! Unfortunately, you and 95% of other natural therapists are probably doing exactly the same thing. This is not our fault; it is just the way we have been taught to do things in the past.

Plus financially I was just getting by. Surely after all of the time, money and effort I had put into becoming a qualified therapist, I should be making a decent living from it?

So I started on a journey of discovery, investing in a series of business coaches, each of whom took me a step further down the path towards professional and financial fulfilment.

This has led me to uncover the power of Treatment Plans and Care Programs for my patients. Finally, I can get the profound, long-term results for my patients that I want, and receive an income appropriate for a high quality health professional. I am certain that this system is the way of the future, and how natural therapies will look in the years to come.


It also provides us with a much more stable and reliable income. Over the past four years, my clinic turnover has increased by $100,000 each year. I have now been requested to pass on my treatment plan expertise to other therapists, so that our whole profession can benefit.

This is not about becoming a salesperson; I have been told I have the complete opposite personality to be one of those! It doesn’t involve you doing anything you don’t want to do, or don’t believe in doing. It is about

  • Educating your patients about their health and their condition
  • Explaining to them the value of treating the causes as well as the symptoms
  • Encouraging your patients to take a long-term view of their health
  • Creating a treatment plan that works for them and for you

The result is better outcomes for your patients, and for you! In the end, that is what will increase the standing of our therapies and our profession.

I would love to teach you my proven system to systematically get great long-term results for your patients.

So my sincere wish is that you will attend my seminar on ‘Better Results & Increased Income Using Treatment Plans’. A small investment of time and money could transform your whole career, as it has transformed mine.

Yours in health and success,

Dr Peter Mills CMD”

Do you want to get better long-term results for your patients?

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